In March 2020 I started a series of Photoshop collages to entertain myself during the Social Distancing Coronavirus of 2020. I post them here for your pleasure. Click the image to see a full-size version. Newest images are at the bottom of the page.

And now we say goodbye to 2020! Hooray!

Coronavirus Photoshop Project

3/13/20: Wonder Woman saves us from Trump Blimp, with assist from Millenium Falcon and Tesla Star Man.

3/14/20: Pi Day

3/15/20: Corona Beer

3/16/20: Homage to the health care professionals. Starring Nurse Jackie, Doc Ock, Drs. Yang and Grey, Dr. Who.

3/17/20: St. Patrick's Day. Theme: GREEN. Guest appearances by the Child Detection Unit, Yoda, Hulk, Green Lantern and Mike Wazowski.


3/19/20: Orange. Starring George Sanderson (Monsters, Inc.), Nemo, and a random Goldfish.

3/20/20: The Solar System. Death Star, Starman, Millenium Falcon, Spacewalk.

3/21/20: Homage to our pets. Goofy, Dug, Bolt, Pluto, Scooby-Doo and meatballs.

3/22/20: Homage to Women's Sport

3/23/20: Stay Home! Yoda Says So!

3/24/20: Save us, Santa!

3/25/20: Courtney asked for Sponges.

3/26/20: Should have been Opening Day.
Theme: Green Monster.

3/27/20: Andy requested a political theme.
Dr Fauci as Superman, Pence as Space Farce Storm Trooper, Barr as Mortimer Snerd, Mnuchin as the Joker, Dr Birx as Doom, and Trump as himself.

3/28/20: Capitol FOR SALE?

3/29/20: A change of Pace.
Who's drinking too much coffee?

3/30/29: Inspired by 3/27/20.

3/31/20: Drain the Swamp.
Leslie requested Nancy Pelosi as Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter. Biden, Bernie & Warren as Ron, Harry & Hermione; Nancy as McGonagall, Andrew Cuomo as Dumbledore and Dr Fauci as Dobby.

4/2/20: If I Ran the Zoo
What I wish the Vermont Statehouse Lawn looked like.

The Bears have a message for you!

4/5/20: New CDC guidelines require
us to wear face masks.

4/6/20: Easter Week in the time of Corona
Pence Bunny, Fauci as Superman, Trump Bunny, Doc Ock Bunny, Carson Bunny, Mnuchin Bunny.

4/7/20 More Easter, with Jared the Bunny and Bill the Bunny, and a new bunch of Media Peeps.

4/10/20: Lord Ganesha, patron of arts and sciences and the diety of intellect and wisdom meets Tinkerbell.

4/11/20 Easter Eve: Tiptoe Through the Tulips
in the time of Coronavirus.

04/21/20: Let's have a Covfefe!

4/22/20 Earth Day

4/23/20 The Zoom Meeting I would like to go to.

4/24/20 Another Zoom Meeting I would like to go to.

5/4/20: Grown-up Man-Babies

5/4/20: May the 4th Be With You!

5/25/2020: Dress Up Donnie!

5/28/2020: Welcome to Vermont!
Self-Isolate for 14 Days, and Wear the #7!@$ Mask!

6/1/2020: "We knelt peacefully,
but y'all didn't like that either."

6/2/2020: No one is home in
the people's house.

6/4/2020: "Facebook shouldn't be the
arbiter of truth." - Zuckerberg

6/5/2020: Black Lives Matter -
Are you listening?

6/5/2020: Black Lives Matter with the
border fence.

6/6/2020: I just don't know what else to do.

6/9/2020: The photo op. Seriously?
Is there a bottom to this free-fall?

6/10/2020: COMPLICIT.
Oh, are you upset about something he tweeted?
About peaceful protesters being attacked?
About reporters being shot? It took 4 years?
You really thought he wasn't like this?
Too little, too late. You bear responsibility.

6/11/2020: Dress Up Donnie, take II!

6/12/2020: There were objections to including
King Arthur, so I edited.

6/12/2020: My cousin Howard didn't approve of my inclusion of Colin Powell, so I replaced him.

6/13/2020: So then I had to make an
Autocrat Set.

6/14/2020: Welcome to the REAL Twilight Zone!

6/19/2020: It's Time to Party, Tulsa!

6/23/2020: I thought maybe he was lonely so
I added some friends with signs.

6/24/2020: Juxtaposition of the week.
Hypocrisy, much?

6/25/2020: America First?

6/27/20: The statues I never want to see.

07/07/2020: No, we won't.

08/11/2020: This is Great?

08/11/2020: Are We Great Yet?

08/11/2020: Greatness

08/11/2020: I Feel Great

The Best People

10/04/2020: 209,401

10/05/2020: A Special Kind of Stupid

10/07/2020: Seven Deadly Sins

10/08/2020: Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

10/10/2020: Find the Monster

10/12/2020: Monsters for Biden & Harris

10/29/2020: Halloween at the White House 2020

10/31/2020: Happy Halloween!

11/02/2020: If Monsters Could Vote

12/21/20: Happy Holidays from the Virus Bunker

12/24/20: If I ran the zoo, nativity edition

1/8/2021: Godzilla meets Rodin
in which I took a break from the firehose of bad news

1/16/2021: When they show you who the are...
in which I give in to the fire hose