This is not the card!

Welcome to our 2017 Holiday Card. (This is not the card.)

In January Rosa and I were among the millions marching around the world to show solidarity against an incoming administration that was already known to be misogynistic, racist, indifferent to human rights, indifferent even to the rule of law, ignorant of the Constitution and the laws and precedents of our country. Over 5 million women and men marched world-wide. Over 1 million marched in Washington DC, where we were. I hoped that it would send a clear message, if not to the incoming administration, then to the Congress and to the world, that there would be opposition, resistance, and that we are not fooled.

This card features some of the people who have led this resistance, or inspired it in some way, or inspired me in some way. It is dedicated to the victims of sexual violence, assault and harassment who dare not speak out against their victimizers - their employers , colleagues, teachers, or clerics. The housekeepers, the fast-food workers, the hospital workers, the legions of women - and some men - who are abused by those who have power over their livelihoods, their survival.

Since I left all the men out of this card (except the thousands in the photo), I've done a Men's Version to honor the many men who are allies. This year, no nifty magnifying glass. Each participant in both versions has their own solo photo. I hope you will read their words, learn about them (some are new to me) and enjoy the liberties I have taken. I mean no disrespect by putting pussy hats and Wonder Woman tiaras on some dignified and important people.

A few last words: vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based.